Something about him that was unusual - he had a calmness and confidence.
Our interest in collies began in 1992 when we bought a very dark sable puppy from Kennel Uglebjerg in Randers.Lassie as he was called - was very similar to his father DKCH Uglebjerg Great Pretender.We can even see how he came running towards the car when we got to the kennel - he was strikingly beautiful - with a very thick coat completely dark sable - the more it drew well.
Lassie - Uglebjerg Local Hero - was a fantastic dog - his fur was like his father's dark and thick - compared the images of Lassie and his father - it was like watching two similar photos.
He loved everything and everyone - was mild - friendly - very watchful. special children on the way loved him - often they only went to talk to him - where's Lassie, came always from them.
When we were out in the garden - he liked to sit at the curb beside it and study it all - he only went to the curb and never onto the road. It warmed much inside one to have such a dog. He was a loner.
There was probably not the place he has not been here in Denmark. Always, he was with us on the trips as we did - and it was pretty much - because we've always explored nature.
Lassie obtained being 15 years old - he was quite fresh until he was over 13 years - only then it went quiet in the other direction. He slept quietly and calmly into 2007.
Lassie - the time we shared with you will be remembered for a lifetime.

A life without a dog was not us - 2 months later we began to investigate who had puppies.That was one of the country's most respected breeder Shep Collies owned by Karen Jondahl - who had 3 beautiful sable puppies.
One of them sat down at a time right out of my wife's leg - looked at her for saying - that's me you must choose - and here was special I mention this little puppy - it was
which is rarely seen - and are still with him today.
Him we had to hold - and thanks for everything Karen because he is a divine collie.
Sheps Feel The Power is his original pedigree name. he is after DKCH Sheps True Temptation - he was named Kalle - one probably Swedish name for me - as a part of my family is Swedish and I just always loved everything that is Swedish.
Kalle can and want the same as Lassie wanted and more to - it will be interesting the next several years to come.

Even while we had Lassie was talked about a collie more - but time was not here to - years went by and after we got Kalle was time and the desire to once again there.
Kalle had been over a year and we started to turn to Karen again as expected puppies in early 2008. We were heavenly - wishing us a tricolor puppy with big white collar.  Later in the spring we could see them - we chose Jack as he was called - after INTCH DKCH NOCH Sheps Wannabe Seen.
He was the smallest of the three siblings - so small and delicate with his large white collar - but already at that time he knew what he wanted - forward like a rocket.
His nickname was quick Rambo - to team up because where he's been great - strong - confident.

Jack was from day 1 accepted by had been tense but Kalle was fantastic and shoved care for him with his nose - after all it was brotherly love with it samme.To day they can not do without each other - you immediately sense when one looks at the other to say - no take it bare.Vi have so many wonderful hours of fun and passport - it's fantastic with these two beautiful collies.

To our breeder Karen Jondal - you just know you are amazing with all your knowledge - your advice and help when we have contacted you about everything possible - you live for these dogs - it is respected as true writing.

Written and narrated by.



Lassie - Uglebjerg Local Hero. 1992-2007.